Seaport Square

Boston, MA

Reed Hilderbrand

James Corner Field Operations

Seaport Square is transforming the South Boston Waterfront area with a 6.3 million square foot mixed-use development located on 23-acres, including 25% green space. The project is designed with multiple independent parcels, controlled by Master Plan documents by Reed Hilderbrand with Pine & Swallow’s guidance on soils, drainage and horticulture. Pine & Swallow has provided consulting services for most of the individual parcels. The area consists of former mudflats and marshes, filled with random materials and with salty groundwater that fluctuates with tidal influence. The area is also subject to saltwater flooding during extreme storm events. Pine & Swallow designed an integrated horticultural soil system, including systems to prevent salt migration into planting zones, for leaching salts after high water or flooding events, and for ongoing monitoring of soil conditions.

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Photo: Reed Hilderbrand