Salesforce Transit Center

San Francisco, CA

PWP Landscape Architecture

Very large-scale rooftop parks bring a much-needed sense of renewal and refreshment to core urban centers. Because the design goal was to offer visitor experiences to seven different worldwide ecological niches, targeted soil designs were Pine & Swallow’s responsibility. This relatively new multi-modal transit hub already serves as a primary bus terminal, and once connections are completed, will also service light rail and high-speed rail travelers. The structure features a 5.4-acre rooftop public park that is home to 600 new trees. The park runs the length of five football fields, located 70 feet above street level, allowing for recreational and educational activities. The project incorporates many ecologically friendly features including plantings that absorb pollutants from the city air and drainage systems to treat and recycle rooftop runoff. Pine & Swallow provided design of soil profiles, soil specifications for structural and light-weight soils, drainage design recommendations, review of soil submittals, and construction observation.

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