National Landing

Washington, DC and Arlington VA

Hoerr Schaudt

Pine & Swallow is teaming with Hoerr Schaudt to renovate multiple landscapes in the DC Metro/Arlington, Virginia area to attract new tenants from expansion of the high-tech jobs market. The 10-block project area with multiple green spaces, streetscape and median improvements will propel the area into the 21st century. The project includes performance pavilions, water features, inviting gathering areas with amenities, shopping, outdoor markets, and eateries. Pine & Swallow’s services include assessment of the existing 40-year-old landscapes’ soils and drainage characteristics and development of soil strategies and specifications to support the landscape architects’ design vision. Existing mature trees are being preserved and invigorated with soil amendments. Landscape improvements include lightweight soils over existing structures, open air plazas with trees and dining areas, green scape improvements to public transportation areas, and substantially improved soil volumes thus contributing to longevity of tree species.

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Image: Hoerr Schaudt