Governors Island

New York, NY

West 8

ASLA Honor Award
NYASLA merit Award
AIA NYC Honor Award

Governors Island is a gem within arm’s reach of Manhattan – a very large gem surrounded by water. Because horticultural soils on-island were in very short supply, Pine & Swallow’s job was to stretch available resources, supplemented by barged-in soils and amendments from New Jersey. The Governors Island master plan preserved 87-acres of open space, planted more than 1,300 new trees, and created a cluster of steep hills that form a focal point at the park’s center and an array of parkscapes ranging from a “hammock grove” to athletic fields to large public event expanses. Sustainability was a core principle driving the plan. Pine & Swallow carried out an analysis of existing conditions, including available soil resources and subsurface drainage requirements. During the Construction Phase, Pine & Swallow reviewed submittals and ensured compliance to the specifications including evaluation of subgrade, soil blend placement and compaction.

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