FDR Four Freedoms Park

New York, NY

Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, LLC

Exposure to severe weather and the fact that urban rubble was the only existing material, Pine & Swallow had many challenges to solve. Standing at the southernmost point of Roosevelt Island in New York City, across the East River from the United Nations, the park is a memorial to FDR. Originally designed by Louis Kahn, a double row of trees narrows as they approach the point of the island, framing views of the New York skyline and the harbor. Pine & Swallow developed a structural soil system beneath the pavements to support trees and created planting soils for high-use turf and beds to support a range of horticulture. Existing soils were deficient therefore all horticultural soils for the project were imported from off-island suppliers. In the Construction Phase, Pine & Swallow monitored subgrade preparation and soil placement activities, documented findings and where deficiencies were found, made recommendations for corrective measures.

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