China Basin Park

San Francisco, CA

Scape Landscape Architecture

Positioned on an iconic peninsular overlooking San Francisco Bay and the city, this 5-acre waterfront park is connected to the Bay Trail and a 500-mile regional trail network. Once built, the park will be a cultural and recreational destination for the adjacent Mission Rock neighborhood and beyond. Formerly open water, the existing site sits on fill materials including clay and Bay mud that can be unstable under certain tidal events and heavy loading. To elevate portions of the park, special measures will be incorporated using lightweight cellular concrete and geofoam to ensure structural stability. As part of the landscape architecture team, Pine & Swallow is designing soils, including lightweight blends for an event lawn, paved promenades, a plaza area, and garden beds that will provide a welcoming and resilient civic space. Pine & Swallow is also providing construction phase consulting services.

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Image: ScapeĀ