Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery Southern Expansion

Arlington, VA


Rhodeside Harwell

Because the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery are rapidly reaching capacity, this project ensures that those who serve our country in the military will have a final resting place well into the future. As part of the Landscape Architecture team, Pine & Swallow’s work on this project began with a planting soils mockup grid with an array of variables to determine optimum planting and drainage design conditions for future construction. Plans include a new visitor entrance plaza, columbarium courts, integration with the existing Air Force Memorial and construction of a new operations complex on a section known as the South Parcel. In addition to a new operations building, the South Parcel development includes a warehouse, green-roof maintenance bays, and a parking garage. Throughout the overall design process P&S has designed planting soils targeted to the high use of the site, the array of planting environments and unique landscape drainage conditions.

High-Use LawnsOver-StructurePublic SpacesStormwater BiotreatmentStreetscapesStructural SoilsWork In Progress
Photo: ANC