Our Process

Pine & Swallow Environmental Process
Pine & Swallow Environmental Understand the Vision

Understand the Vision and Goals for the Project

Because our work ensures horticultural success of the project, Pine & Swallow first learns how the landscape will function and the aesthetic qualities that are important to the owner and design team. Through this dialogue, we then identify challenges and opportunities. This effort sets the stage for all we do that follows.

Characterize On-Site Soil Resources and Drainage Conditions

With science and our experience Pine & Swallow creates new soil profiles and drainage strategies to transform the vision of the landscape architect into a functional and flourishing landscape. We believe that reuse of existing site soil resources offers the highest sustainability values. By conducting an assessment of site soils and drainage conditions, we prescribe best practices for reuse, reuse with amendment, or importation of new soils.

Pine & Swallow Environmental Characterize On-Site Soil
Pine & Swallow Environmental Design

Design Planting Profiles and Specify Soil Blends Targeted to Use

Pine & Swallow designs and specifies sustainable horticultural soils to perform to their intended uses. For example, athletic field soils must be well-drained and able to withstand high frequency and high intensity use in all weather conditions. Structural planting soils must be highly compactable and yet provide horticultural support for tree plantings. Rain garden soils must be capable of supporting plantings in both drought and flood conditions, infiltrate stormwater rapidly, and meet phosphorus retention goals.

Evaluate Compliance to Design Documents During Construction

Equally important to careful soil and drainage design is the accurate execution of the design during the Construction Phase. Pine & Swallow’s active involvement in construction observation, submittal review and approval, and final project evaluation ensures that the soil environment is compliant with design.

Pine & Swallow Environmental Evaluate Compliance
Pine & Swallow Environmental In-House Lab

In-House Soils Laboratory Services

An important tool in Pine & Swallow’s toolbox is our in-house soil testing laboratory. The lab produces very fast results that can be utilized to assess re-use potential of existing on-site soils as well as compliance of manufactured soil blends during the Construction Phase.