About Pine & Swallow Environmental

Pine & Swallow Environmental provides science-based technical consulting expertise to public and private clients for the design and construction of landscape development projects. The firm’s principals have unique backgrounds in landscape science and engineering, soil science, and environmental chemistry. With nearly four decades of experience, Pine & Swallow’s skills lead to creative, technically solid solutions that can significantly reduce site development costs and result in landscapes that thrive, even in challenging site conditions.

Pine & Swallow begins each project with an understanding of how the proposed landscape is intended to function and the aesthetic qualities that are important to the team and the owner. With an understanding of the project goals, along with knowledge and expertise in horticultural soil and drainage design, Pine & Swallow applies scientific principles to create sustainable horticultural strategies. These include soil profiles tailored to the uses intended using locally available resources. Equally important to careful soil and drainage design is the accurate execution of the design during construction. Pine & Swallow strives to be actively involved in construction observation, submittal review and approval, and final project evaluation because with strong Construction Phase involvement, the soil environment is optimized to provide the client with green spaces that flourish.