Great Landscapes in Progress

261 Hudson Street, NY

HM White

Development plans for this new twelve story residential and commercial use building in the Tribeca neighborhood include a courtyard that will be enhanced with plantings on constructed slopes, a large specimen tree, a tree grove, hedgerow, perennials, and ground cover. The 2:1 slopes required geo-stabilization elements. P&S provided soil profile designs and soil specifications for various site conditions and locations. During construction, P&S will evaluate submittals for specification compliance.

621 First Avenue, NY

Scape / Landscape Architecture

This Manhattan plaza project has an existing landscape/streetscape that is to be modified and improved to include mature trees planted in sand based structural soil and porous paving. P&S is also working with Scape on over-structure plantings that will be exposed to exceptionally high winds.

Adams Green, Quincy, MA

Halvorson Design Partnership

Adams Green Park will be a bicycle and pedestrian-friendly, green focal point for downtown Quincy in an important historic area. The park will replace a 750 foot stretch of Hancock Street with a green pedestrian mall. Pine & Swallow is developing soil strategies for new streetscapes, a high use lawn area, and general plantings.

Boston City Hall Plaza, MA

Halvorson Design Partnership and Reed Hilderbrand

As part of a full “make-over” of Boston’s City Hall Plaza P&S is working with Halvorson Design Partnership on the Government Center Subway Station and new streetscape plantings along Cambridge Street that will blend into the plaza space. P&S is working with Reed Hilderbrand on the redesign of the main plaza area, adding rows of shade trees, more seating options and improving site drainage. The landscape design will incorporate sustainable technologies including permeable pavements and bioretention of storm water. Street trees planted in Sand-Based Structural Soil will reduce the heat island effect and provide shady places of respite.

Boylston Street / Fenway Area

Keith LeBlanc Landscape Architecture

Pine & Swallow is working with Keith LeBanc Landscape Architecture on several major development projects along Boylston Street in the Fenway area including a multi-tiered complex with two towers joined over a common base of stores and restaurants, renovation of the Landmark Center (former Sears building) and the Point where Boylston and Beacon Streets meet Park Ave. The projects include major over structure plantings as well as new streetscapes that are changing the charter of the entire area.

Coney Island Seaside Park, NY

Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

The proposed Seaside Park and Community Arts Center is intended as an entertainment venue and recreation facility. The publicly accessible open space on the development site will include a play garden, a planted lawn bowl with perimeter plantings as a place for lawn seating and passive recreation. The park would also feature a planted entry garden with native planting. P&S prepared specifications for perennial, tree and shrub planting soils, turf and street tree soils.

Constitution Gardens, Washington DC

Peter Walker Partnership Landscape Architecture

Constitution Gardens, a memorial in the National Mall to the nation’s Founding Fathers, consists of 52 acres of lawns meadows, woodlands and pathways, and a 6.5 acre lake with a one-acre island. As part of the current plan to improve and revitalize the site, Pine & Swallow reviewed existing conditions and determined the reason for the decline of trees and other plants on site to be directly attributable to poor soil conditions including compacted and saturated soils. P&S made recommendations to support the new design through the least-cost combination of plant palette choices, planting design, planting soil design, in-situ soil rehabilitation, drainage, grading, and storm water management.

Duke University, Durham, NC

Reed Hilderbrand

Duke’s West Campus Quad was redesigned and renovated to accommodate intensive student use. The project incorporated planting of large trees in pavement and extensive planting beds. Specified soil blends ensured support of paving as well as providing appropriate soil for long term mature tree growth, and were designed to meet storm water management requirements. Additionally, P&S designed soil blends for a variety of proposed landscape conditions surrounding the new Duke Arts facility including extensive meadow planting beds and turf areas.

Longfellow Bridge Restoration, Boston, MA

Copley Wolff Design Group

The plan for rehabilitation of this historically significant bridge across the Charles River includes improvements to the streetscape and adjoining parkland spaces on both the Boston and Cambridge sides. Areas on the riverbanks that are disturbed by the project will be planted to tie the bridge into Olmsted’s original 1892 plan. P&S is evaluating existing soil conditions and resources. P&S will provide Planting Soil Specifications for various planting areas, including proposed lawn, tree, and shrub areas and will specify amendments and procedures to restore existing soils in areas that will not be disturbed by construction.

Smithsonian’s National Zoological Museum, Washington DC

Quinn Evans Architects

The renovation of the historic 1928 Bird House along with surrounding area, themed on bird migration, is aimed at providing a one-of-a-kind visitor experience, world-class animal care, and sustainable and efficient operations. P&S assessed existing soils and drainage conditions and designed soil profiles for new landscape construction for both indoor and outdoor exhibit spaces. Bio-infiltration and storm water management are integral parts of the sustainable design.

North Point Parks, Cambridge, MA

Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

The current phase of the development of the North Point area includes a number of individual park spaces mostly interconnected by streetscapes in and around the buildings construction. The landscape includes tree and shrub planting beds, event lawns and streetscapes that will be planted in imported soils that will replace contaminated soil from the former rail yards. P&S is providing consulting services for the design of soil profiles, soil specifications and for construction phase services for the park areas at the project site.

Northeastern University ISEB

Stephen Stimson Associates

The proposed new Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex scheduled to open in 2016 will be built on a 3.5-acre parcel adjacent to the Ruggles MBTA station owned by North­eastern and cur­rently used as sur­face parking. The site’s devel­op­ment pro­vides an oppor­tu­nity to strengthen the Columbus Avenue cor­ridor, improve pedes­trian con­nec­tions, and create new open space and streetscape ameni­ties to be shared with the sur­rounding com­mu­nity. P&S is reviewing existing reports and information regarding the soils and drainage conditions and providing assistance for design elements ranging from streetscapes to bioretention features to extensive over-structure plantings for a new overpass across rail lines and the turnpike to connect the new development to the main campus.

UMass Boston Campus Redevelopment, Boston, MA

Sasaki Associates

Sasaki’s design for UMass Boston creates new opportunities on campus for waterfront access, pedestrian and bicycle accessibility, residential life, and more. Sustainability is a major priority for the university. Pine & Swallow is working with Sasaki to incorporate several green design strategies including bioretention for storm water runoff, reuse of onsite construction soils and materials, and native and naturalized planting.

Wellesley College / Pendleton Hall, Wellesley, MA

Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

Renovation and addition to Pendleton Hall creates new spaces for music and visual arts classrooms. The construction and the surrounding landscape will link the building with the Academic Quad in a more welcoming and accessible way. P&S is providing consulting services for the design of soil profiles, soil specifications and for construction phase services. Existing soils are being reused with amendments to achieve specified blends. Planting environments include tree and shrub planting beds, lawns, as well as landscape on very steep slopes. This project has been designed to achieve LEED Gold certification.

Yale Science Building Courtyard, New Haven, CT

Reed Hilderbrand

The project involves construction of a new science building and associated landscape elements. Pine & Swallow’s work involves the design and specification for all landscape soils over structure including large canopy trees in sand-based structural soil, trees and shrubs in planting beds, a large plaza, and high-use lawn. P&S will also provide landscape construction phase services.


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