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Environmental Consulting

Pine and Swallow's highly skilled technical experts guide results-oriented investigations and provide practical, cost-effective solutions to hazardous waste problems.

Below is a representative sampling of field service and environmental chemistry projects Pine & Swallow has performed for clients over more than two decades.

Selected Environmental Services Projects

Eielson Air Force Base, Fairbanks, AK
MicroWell installations for delineation of petroleum and chlorinated VOC plumes.

New Hampshire DES Division of Water Supply and Pollution Control
On-site chemical reconnaissance using soil gas and MicroWell technology along with on-site analysis for rapid assessment of contaminant conditions at several sites.

Site Investigation, Vestal, NY
Installation and sequential sampling of MicroWells to determine vertical profile of groundwater quality; Mobile lab analyses. Two different plumes were delineated; one of chlorinated solvents, the other of petroleum hydrocarbons.

Massachusetts DEP, Western Region
Installed over 200 MicroWells and analyzed several thousand samples in mobile lab to track a plume of TCE from a municipal well field to the source area nearly five miles away.

Former Fort Devens, Devens, MA
MicroWell installations and soil sampling at numerous areas on this site to determine type and extent of contamination.

Handy & Harmon Site, North Attleborough, MA
Soil gas and soil sampling with mobile laboratory analysis to delineate extent of contamination. Over 150 samples obtained and analyzed on-site.

Former NCR Facility, Millsboro, DE
Installation of MicroWells for piezometers and air sparging system.

Dover Landfill, Dover, NH
Sequential permeability testing and groundwater sampling using MicroWells, installation of oxidative/reductive remediation network using MicroWells.

Mottolo Superfund Site, Raymond, NH
Installation of MicroWells and on-site analysis of soil gas and water samples for plume delineation.

Natick Laboratories Superfund Site, Natick, MA
Installation of MicroWells with on-site analysis for delineation of contaminant plume.

Yaworski Lagoon, Plainville, CT
On-site mobile lab analysis, CLP level QA/QC.

Nebraska Superfund Sites
EPA Technology Transfer Demonstration Contract for MicroWells.

Gallups Quarry, CT
Installation of MicroWells for delineation of horizontal and vertical extent of plume.

Massachusetts DEP SARSS III
Installation of MicroWells, sequential sampling to depths over 100 feet below ground surface (bgs) and on-site mobile lab analysis for delineation of chlorinated solvent plume.

Industriplex, Woburn, MA
EPA Technical Assistance Grant Contract. Also, a separate contract for installation of MicroWells for air sparging system.

Pease Air Force Base, Newington, NH
On-site analysis of soil samples for VOC.

Peterson/Puritan, Cumberland, RI
Delineation of contaminant plume.

Savage Well, Milford, NH
Vertical and horizontal plume delineation.

Schpack Landfill, Attleboro, MA
Plume delineation.

W. R. Grace, Acton, MA
Installation of MicroWells & hydrogeologic analysis of impacted aquifer.

Wells G&H, Woburn, MA
EPA Technical Assistance Grant contract.

Air Force Base, MA
Installation and sequential sampling of MicroWells to depths more than 200 feet (bgs) for vertical and horizontal plume delineation.

Otis Air National Guard Base, MA
Plume delineation beneath ponds.

Wildwood Air Force Station, Kenai, AK
Plume Delineation.

Massachusetts Military Reservation
Sequential Vertical Profiling for plume investigation; on-site analysis to assess impact to private wells.

K. I. Sawyer AFB, MI
Delineation of contaminant plume: installation of MicroWells with on-site analysis.

New Bedford Harbor, New Bedford, MA
Sediment sampling beneath harbor.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth NH
Soil Sampling.

NHBB, Peterborough, NH
Delineation of contaminant plume: installation of MicroWells, permeability testing and soil sampling with on-site mobile laboratory analysis.

Cranbury Landfill, NJ
Installation of MicroWells for biosparging monitoring.

Groveland Site, Groveland, MA
On-site mobile lab analysis; Remediation monitoring.

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