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    Conservation-Based Land Planning — Design & Permitting

    Creative design requires integrating diverse requirements into a common solution. P&S's multi-disciplinary skills, creativity, and design experience consistently yield designs that are attractive, cost effective, and successful.

    Pine and Swallow Environmental excels at presenting projects to regulatory boards and authorities and at working with these bodies to ensure successful permitting. Our success at working with regulatory boards is the outgrowth of our thorough environmental analysis, our design skill, and our ability to create and present drawings that communicate the site design. More...>>

    Profile Project
    Rocky Hill Mixed Use Development
    Conservation-Based Land Planning — Design & Permitting
    Location: Groton, MA
    P&S designed and coordinated Town Meeting approval of residential and commercial development plans as part of a plan to preserve a 400 acre tract of prime wildlife habitat. The development included affordable housing units, starter homes and senior housing, as well as 130,000 square feet of commercial space, all designed with integrated open space connecting to the preserve area.

    Profile Project
    Woods Pond Estates
    Conservation-Based Land Planning - Design & Permitting
    Location: Westford, MA
    Services: Subdivision Design Including Pond Amenity
    P&S designed a woodland pond to serve as a visual amenity and to enhance wildlife habitat for a 21 lot subdivision in Westford MA. Permitting included working with the local Conservation Commission and Army Corps of Engineers to protect nearby wetland resources.

    Representative Land Use Planning Projects

    Mixed Use Village Design, Groton, MA
    Designed a new village area including commercial and business uses, 240 single family and condominium housing units and protection measures for sensitive conservation lands on a 560 acre tract. Presented plans to a Town Meeting for Concept Plan approval. Coordinated and reviewed Environmental Impact Report and Definitive Subdivision Plan of property.

    Groton Woods Subdivisions
    Designed three linked, abutting subdivisions with 117 lots on 300 acre tract. Final design included construction of a pond to serve as the focal point for subdivision. The pond also provided a source of gravel for road construction and mitigated increases in runoff. Final design also included a trail system connecting all parts of the subdivision to a block of protected conservation land. P&S coordinated and reviewed engineering.

    Brookfield Village
    Designed 30 unit multifamily development including subsidized housing component. Design included two coordinated clusters of units with views over common areas and reclaimed pond. Coordinated and reviewed site engineering.

    Maple Hill Farm Subdivision
    Analyzed previously approved 20 lot subdivision obtained by bank in foreclosure. Recommended steps to be taken to protect property interests and modifications of design to lower construction costs, improve marketability of properties, and reduce environmental impacts.

    McLain's Woods Subdivision
    Designed 12 lot subdivision on parcel with environmentally sensitive wetland and wildlife areas. Located special house sitings and designed trail network connecting houses, common field area and conservation area.

    Orchard Lane Subdivision
    Designed 6 lot subdivision on hillside with spectacular views. Coordinated and reviewed engineering and wetland issues including wildlife study for brook crossing.

    Boston Road Commercial Development
    Designed 30,000 square foot commercial development to create village effect by organizing buildings around central common serving as the site focus. Prepared site grading plans and carried out drainage design.

    Deer Run Park Professional Office Development
    Designed office park for 70,000 square feet of professional office space with central outdoor courtyard. Presented Concept Plan to Town Meeting for required re-zoning.

    Additional Recent Land Planning Projects
    Still Meadow:
    cluster development to protect field and endangered species habitat
    Baddacook Fields: development with views of new field area, while protecting pond and critical habitat
    Mill Run Place: 60,000 SF commercial development
    Deerhaven: 27 lot development protecting fields and riverfront area
    40 acre property in Carlisle: protection of critical wooded habitat area
    140 acre property in Groton: limited development on historic landscape area