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Pine & Swallow Environmental provides science-based technical consulting expertise to public and private clients for the design and construction of landscape development projects. For over 30 years Pine and Swallow has demonstrated unmatched experience, expertise, and commitment in projects large and small, worldwide.

Pine & Swallow’s principals have unique backgrounds in landscape science and engineering. Robert Pine is a Registered Professional Engineer with degrees in civil and geotechnical engineering. He also holds a Masters of Landscape Architecture. In 2013 he was elected a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects. John Swallow is a Ph.D. chemist with extensive experience in soil science and environmental chemistry, and with 19 years experience as owner and operator of a landscape nursery.

Pine & Swallow’s knowledge of the use and maintenance of plant materials, including how environmental conditions affect plantings, allows a comprehensive review of issues such as plant selection, growing mediums, compaction, soil drainage, nutrient recycling, heat loading, and micro-climate conditions. P&S’s skills lead to creative, technically solid solutions that can significantly reduce site development costs.

Pine & Swallow has extensive experience in the creation of ponds, wetlands, and storm water bio-treatment installations. P&S couples this experience with soil design to optimize water harvesting, stormwater renovation, and sustainability.

Meadow and turf areas are often important as high-visibility landscape areas and for passive or active recreation use. Establishing and maintaining low-maintenance, robust turf requires correct soil conditions and selection of grasses. P&S’s expertise in soil chemistry, horticulture, drainage, and geotechnical engineering is the combination of skills required for successful design or rehabilitation of turf and meadow areas.

Pine & Swallow expertise includes: soil science ◇ geotechnical and drainage engineering ◇ horticulture ◇ high use turf ◇ sustainability ◇ soil biology ◇ urban conditions ◇ wetlands and water features ◇ rooftop soils ◇ stormwater bio-treatment

Pine & Swallow services include: field investigations ◇ laboratory analysis ◇ materials selection ◇ planting soil design ◇ specifications ◇ construction monitoring ◇ forensic investigations