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    John C. Swallow, Ph.D., LSP, PG

    Director of Environmental Science

    Principal and founder of the firm Pine & Swallow Environmental
    Professional practice since 1974 in the areas of environmental science, soil science,
    land reclamation and horticulture
    Owned and operated a commercial nursery for 19 years
    Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Organic Chemistry
    A.B., Colgate University, Chemistry

    Professional Experience in Soils and Horticulture

    Dr. Swallow’s professional soils and horticulture practice spans three decades and has emphasized service in the areas of soil chemistry, analysis of environmental conditions for plant growth, and site rehabilitation. Dr. Swallow was a presenter on soils in the built landscape at the 2009 and 2011 ASLA National Conferences. His extensive work with public agencies has included seminars to superintendents on turf and vegetation maintenance and development of soil management programs. John serves on the Technical Core Committee of the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES).

    Specializing in assessment of soil and water resources, Dr. Swallow has developed unique sampling and analytical methods to maximize the reuse of project soil and water assets. Manufactured soil blends incorporating onsite earth materials are designed to meet project requirements. He designs storm water management systems incorporating bio-swales, water harvesting and infiltration surfaces. Dr. Swallow has had extensive experience with rooftop planting environments and has been involved with P&S’s development of a structural soil for sustainable horticultural developments.

    Dr. Swallow’s horticultural projects range from initial site investigations to detailed design of soil-water-horticultural systems, construction specifications and construction observation. He also directs P&S’s soil, air and water analytical laboratories, which are available for project site assessment and construction monitoring.

    Professional Registrations and Affiliations
    Licensed Site Professional, Massachusetts
    Professional Geologist, New Hampshire
    American Chemical Society
    Sigma Xi
    Soil Science Society of America
    International Society of Soil Scientists
    Agronomy Society of America
    Assoc. of Ground Water Scientists & Engineers